The Hedgehog legend Truth or myth?

The era Jurassic, about 200 million years ago, the Hedgehog was not this small friendly rodent that we know today .

We find traces of his descendants throughout prehistory. The possibility to trace its evolution is no longer a myth and scientists agree on the fact that, like crocodiles, this breed of mammal is present on Earth for far longer than human.

But this consensus leaves open the possibility that the evolution of this animal took him to coexist with the first hominids 7 million years ago.

Engravings and rock drawings discovered in caves near the Lake of Chalain suggest a pet rather fierce and of a size more important than the one could imagine. Nevertheless, our bold ancestors seemed to appreciate his flesh to the point to organize hunts and stalking on distances and varied terrain.

The drawings and engravings show ansi explicitly in these important moments in the life of the tribe: hunting the Hedgehog

Through your journey in the Jura, we invite you to relive this stalking on the paths taken at the time. The marks to prove it.

These tracks lead all in one place where the exhausted beast was put to death to be eaten shortly after.

You will face, uneven and races in the forest as to the origins of humanity.

You cross the authentic landscapes of the Jurassic era and will discover the place where the Chase ended. That's the Juraswimrun!

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