Event rules


Careful reading of the present "regulations detailed in the event JURASWIMRUN: the Hedgehog challenge and the challenge of the country of Lakes" is required.
The spirit of this event (per team of 2 compulsory) of nature is to allow participants to have fun by participating in a test of swimrun in a privileged environment. The race is open to all swimrunners, dismissed or not to the British Triathlon Federation, ages 16 years minimum (challenge of the country of Lakes) and 18 (challenge of the Hedgehog).




Copyright registrations (per pair):


01/01/17 to 31/05/17

01/06/17 to 15/07/17




180 euros

180 euros

180 euros



60 euros

60 euros

60 euros

60 euros


End of registration and number of places available:

  • Challenge of the Hedgehog: 15 August 2017 (150 places) 
  • Challenge to the land of the Lakes: 10 September 2017 (150 places)


A ranking will be made in the following categories: male, female, mixed.

Competitors arise, at least 30' before the start of the race.

The number provided by the jumpers of the Organization and the cups to be visible during the whole ordeal. Competitors must attend the briefing of pre-race to hear the recall procedures and rules which they attested having read when they sign up. The Organizing Committee may oppose the departure of a binomial that is clearly not in condition to make the race.

The departure takes place.

Time limits apply as follows from the time of departure:

JuraSwimRun: departure 7:30 ' to 16: stop: (maximum run time: 8 h 30')

ChalainSwimRun: departure at 9: 00 stop at 11:45 ' (maximum running time: 2 h 45')

The courses are subject to change by the Organization

In case of difficulty and voluntary abandonment competitors must report it to volunteers on race

The race Director or his team will be able to if they consider that a competitor is in danger, do get out of the race and repatriate.

If a physical problem, the medical team reserves the right whether to allow the continuation of the trial.

Athletes participate in Juraswimrun and Chalainswimrun freely and with full knowledge of the risks. Also, the organizers decline any responsibility in case of accident, theft or loss of material.



The jumpers and hats must be worn permanently. It is forbidden to cut, to deteriorate. The race route is signposted and is required to follow. Athletes who are silently of course may be disqualified.

Various control points are planned. The teams that do not pass control will be automatically disqualified. Trails, sidewalks and beaches that fitted borrow are open to the public and thus to share. We ask the competitors to show respect and sympathy for the public.

Teams must run together:-50 m maximum deviation in running,-10 m maximum deviation in swimming teams not complying with these maximum deviations of distance are exposed to a disqualification.

A pair who abandons must imperatively notify the organization.

An athlete whose binomial abandons must also abandon. It is forbidden to continue without his partner.

It is forbidden to receive help material or human external to the Organization of the JuraSwimRun the Hedgehog challenge and Chalainswimrun. (Except in cases of force majeure)

Arbitration is provided by the Organizer. In any case, the decision of the organization not

can be questioned.

An athlete is required to help within the limits of its possibilities or to report an athlete in trouble to the organizers even if he has to turn away or wasting time.



Each competitor has the obligation to wear the CAP, and the numbered bib provided by the organization.

All of the material chosen initially by a team must be kept until the end of the race. Control of material may occur initially or during the race: each pair must be able to show that it has well the obligatory equipment in which case he can be disqualified. A team that discharges or recovers some of his material will be disqualified.

Compulsory equipment

Provided by the competitor:-the right combination is mandatory when the water temperature is equal to or less than 22 ° C (juraswimrun) and 19 ° C (Chalainswimrun)

Provided by the Organizer:-a bib (bib) - a CAP

Equipment authorized :

-Platelets (paddle) - floats to a size smaller than 40x30x20cm (type pull-buoy) - swimming goggles - sport shoes

-Liaison between athletes of a same binomial (type elastic rope)

-Snorkel and fins



Depending on the weather, the organizers reserve the right to take all necessary steps to ensure that the event takes place in the best conditions of security.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to:

-Adapt the events by including the track and racing schedules

-Remove or stop the racing so unforeseen situations (water temperature, surface condition, pollution, wind, thunderstorm...) beyond the control of the Organizing Committee, the y require, and this, without compensation.

The decision to cancel the test or to change the route depending on weather conditions, may be taken at any time by the organizers.

In case of cancellation of the event taken the test in the previous 7 days, either due to weather or for any other reason beyond the powers of the Organization, completeness of registration remains with the organiser. Similarly, if for the same reason one or other of the tests was to be adapted, shifted or moved, the Organizer could not be held responsible for this change of program and completeness of registration fees would be acquired him in all cases.



Both events take place in a natural environment, and in some protected areas (natura 2000). Organizers and competitors are committed together to respect this space and preserve it. No spray of litter on the course will be tolerated. Competitors who will take with them their supplies under the combination, especially in the form of gel or packed bars must imperatively return packaging to the ground and drop them in the bins provided for this purpose (feeding zone). Any competitor who will be convinced of throwing any object or waste in nature one will be immediately disqualified.



By registering, the competitors allow organizers and their having rights such as partners and the media, to use fixed or audio-visual images on which they might appear, taken on the occasion of their participation in our events, in any medium including any projections. According to the law of 06 January 1978, the competitors have a right to access and rectify their personal data



Liability : in accordance with the legislation in force, the organizer has insurance covering the financial consequences of civil liability, its employees and all participants of the events juraswimrun and chalainswimrun.

Regarding the civil liability of the participants, the intervention of this insurance for these is limited to accidents they may cause during the course of the sports event. Furthermore, this guarantee will be complementing or if no other insurance which they could also benefit.

Material damage : the Organizer declines any responsibility in case of damage (theft, breakage, loss,...) suffered by the personal property of the participants. Therefore, participants cannot turn against the organiser for any damage to their equipment. The purchase of insurance guaranteeing these risks is the responsibility of each.

Insurance personal accident : the Organization recommends that all participants who would have personal insurance covering their injury, including non redundant of a sports federation, insurance personal accident insurance as part of their participation in the race.

For the non-licencies, they are required to present a medical certificate of less than 6 months confirming the absence of contraindication to the practice in the swimrun or triathlon competition to the Organizer.



For all pairs, registration can only be done online on the website of the company NJUKO. On-site registrations are not allowed.

A copy of the requested administrative documents must be downloaded upon registration on the site of NJUKO and later delivered during the withdrawal of bibs. Any competitor has not provided such documents at the latest during the withdrawal of bibs will not be able to attend the event.

When registering, each competitor must present proof of identity (photocopies accepted) and must provide the required documents (license FFTri, medical certificate under 6 months for non redundant).

Furthermore, registration for these events is for discharge of responsibility whereby the swimrunner registered recognizes including:

-having read the "rules" of the events Juraswimrun and Chalainswimrun in which he undertakes to comply.

-be sufficiently trained to travel the distance to which it fits

-that in all cases, both for himself as for his assignees, it unloads Juraswimrun and Chalainswimrun and the organizers from any liability for any reason whatsoever, to make its personal insurance and any possible recourse against any participant or third party liable for damage any in its place.




Saturday, September 16, 2017:
-Withdrawal of bibs: 16: 00 to 18:30 (the Ford Hall)
-Briefing of pre-race: 18.30 (the Ford Hall)
Sunday, September 17, 2017:
-Withdrawal of bibs: Hall Frasnois 6 h to 6 h 40 (the challenge of the Hedgehog) and from 7: 00 to 8:10 (the challenge of the land of Lakes)
-Gathering of the teams on the start line: Camping de Narlay: 7 h 00 (challenge of the Hedgehog)
Briefing of security on the line of departure: 07:00
The race: the challenge of the Hedgehog: 7.30
-Gathering of the teams on the start line and briefing: 8.30 (challenge of the country of Lakes)
The race: the challenge of the land of the Lakes: 9 h
Stop at 11:30 (challenge of the country of Lakes) and 4 p.m. (challenge of the Hedgehog)
Ceremony Protocol 16.00 (awards for the top 3 teams of men / women / mixed)


In the case where in a binomial, a participant is replaced by another that takes its place. He must then register in discharging the registration fees. The participant who leaves will be refunded according to the conditions specified below. Please take contact with the Organization to perform the replacement. No replacement will be possible after the 10/09/2017

In case of withdrawal of a binomial, whatever may be the cause:

-Between 16/05/2017 and 08 15, 2017: the commitment will be reimbursed to

up to 50%.

-To beyond 15/08/2017: the commitment fees will not be refunded.