Welcomme on this website. juraswimrun" the hedgehog challenge" and chalain swimrun

SwimRun, a sport in full swing from Sweden, consists of a series of running  and trail races in open(lake).

It's practised in pairs( team of 2). It carries values of mutual aid, respect for nature ans others.

Our two new events willm take place on Sunday, setember 17, 2017:

Departure at 7.30am: Juraswimrun the hedgehog challenge( long event 42km)(150 teams maxi)

Departure at 9am: , the "country of the lakes challenge" ( short race:13.5km 150 teams maxi)

You will have the chance during your participation to evolve in a preserved environment, in the heart of "the country of the lakes" of  Jura, and the regianl park of high Jura.

On the hedgehog challenge, you will cross height municipalities and 5 diffferent lakes( all more " authentic" ons), you will take the trail of the splendid waterfalls of the Hérisson( the most difficult part of the course.

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